Your Website Isn’t Just For Buyers – Get More Listings Online

22 Jun 2017

How is your website lead generation going?  We don’t just mean that you’re getting a lot of contact information from your calls-to-action.  What type and quality of leads are you getting?  Even if you’re generally happy with the quantity and quality of your online leads, what is the mix of buyers and sellers?  Many are asking how to get more listings online.

What Are You Doing Online to Generate Leads?

If you’re getting online leads to convert from anonymous suspects to prospects with their contact information, you’re probably:

  • Using an IDX search function, as most site visitors want to search local listings.
  • Placing some type of calls-to-action on search pages.
  • Placing calls-to-action on pages with articles and information sought by visitors.
  • Actively working on marketing your site, and using SEO and/or PPC (Pay Per Click) to get visitors to the site to see the calls-to-action.

Those are all effective activities, and hopefully you’re filling your lead funnel at the top with enough online leads to result in some nice closings trickling out the bottom of the funnel from your marketing of the leads.  But, you’re still wondering how to get more listings.

Question:  What is the mix of buyers and sellers in your lead funnel from your website?

If you’re like most real estate professionals generating Web leads, it’s probably many more buyers than sellers.  Sure, more buyers than sellers use searches to see what’s for sale and shop for a home.  However, many more prospective sellers are visiting your website than you may think.  They’re just as interested in what’s for sale and for how much as are buyers.

It's About Your Calls-To-Action and Where They Are

Think about where your forms are on the site, what’s being offered for information on those pages and the calls-to-action that you’re using.  In many cases:

  • Offering reports or custom searches next to IDX searchers.
  • Forms and calls-to-action next to articles about the market and the transaction process.
  • The same for market statistics.

If you’re doing this much right, then you’re getting leads.

Question:  So, why so many more buyer leads than sellers?

Let’s be realistic in saying that there will probably always be more buyers than sellers.  It’s just that the nature of the desire for more information is so much stronger for buyers.  However, we’re also subconsciously aggravating the problem in our content creation and placement of calls-to-action.

Create More Content of Interest to Sellers

Sure, you’ve probably got tabbed navigation on your site with one for Buyers and one for Sellers.  And, you have some articles and blog posts of interest to sellers.  However, from a marketing and site traffic perspective, just how interesting and necessary for buyers is your content?  Create more content and re-focus content, such as:

  • Next to IDX search functions, offer a sold property report specific to neighborhoods, giving them a form field to tell you where they live.  Say that it’s for homeowners to check out the value of homes in their neighborhood.
  • Write more articles about the market area from a seller’s interest perspective:
    • What influences home values (homeowners want to know the value of their home)  in different neighborhoods or areas?
    • What factors should sellers consider before listing their homes?
    • What types of marketing generally results in getting the right buyer to a home for sale?  This is about reinforcing the value of the local MLS, brokerage sharing and getting other brokers/agents to bring buyers.  Discuss website value, and the concept of listing syndication to get the home in front of more buyer eyes.
    • Local statistics for DOM, Days on Market.  If yours are better than most, show off your short DOM for your listings.  Talk about the influence of DOM on buyer attitudes and offers.
    • Who is the ideal buyer for your home?  Discuss this from the buyers’ needs perspective; family, first time buyer, young professional, etc.
  • More articles about the transaction process from the seller’s perspective:
    • What to expect for a first offer and how to deal with low offers.
    • What to expect in their title insurance binder/commitment.
    • What to expect in the inspection and repair negotiation process.  Leaving room in original price negotiation and accepted price for unexpected repair demands.
    • What does the Seller’s side of the HUD settlement form look like?
    • Expected closing cost items for sellers.
    • Moving out and the buyer walk-through prior to closing.

Take the approach of trying to at least balance the amount of content that is seller-focused with content for buyers.

How can you re-purpose buyer content for sellers?

Go through all of your content to see how you could take the main topic of each article or post and write it again from a seller’s perspective or need for information.  An example that’s overlooked is looking at every neighborhood profile that mostly points out features for buyers to compare neighborhoods.  Write them again for each neighborhood, but discuss how a seller and their real estate professional can enhance the value of their home through pointing out neighborhood features and amenities.

Now, Create Calls-To-Action That Work!

For all of this seller focused content, you must create special reports or offers that will make your seller visitors want more.  You’re going to get more seller visitors due to SEO and marketing your new seller content, but you need to get their contact information.  Market statistical reports, and offer real-life transaction stories.

Example:  “Transaction Details When a Seller Took a Beating.”  It’s a story (you can be the buyer’s agent) about a seller who didn’t allow for inspection surprises in the initial negotiation.  They ended up bringing money to the closing because of necessary demanded repairs.  Tell them there are actual excerpts from contract negotiation documents showing the path to losing money.  Obviously redact all personal seller info.  Everyone loves the mistakes not to make stories, especially real life.

Next to an article about what to expect in the title binder/commitment on their home, offer an actual binder document.  Of course, carefully redact all personal and address identifying information, including the legal description.

Next to the article about seller side HUD items, offer an actual HUD, same careful removal of information identifying the persons or property.  These are all things sellers would find interesting, and they’ll ask for them if you offer.

Are you ready to get more listings?

If you are, then just get started on the content creation, then place the right calls-to-action next to them throughout your site.  You’ll soon find that your buyer-to-seller lead mix is changing toward more sellers and you’ll get more listings.