Upping Your Game with Real Estate Investor Content

2 Apr 2019

April is Content Month at WebsiteBox, and real estate investor website content is our first topic. What is so different about real estate investor website content? It’s not as much about different topics as it is about a higher level of content treatment.

Don’t get offended, but some real estate investors are spending more hours in educating themselves each year than your Continuing Education requirements. They’re using their money for courses and taking on risk, and the successful investors are constantly bulking up their knowledge base to reduce risk and increase profits.

Do you really want to work with real estate investors? Perhaps you’re busy enough that you don’t have to. However, if you would like to build a client base of buyers and sellers who need very little hand-holding and bring you repeat business, then investors are desirable. Here are real estate website content hints to help you build an investor client niche.

Give Investors a Destination

You probably have a navigation tab for Buyers and one for Sellers. You should have one for Investors as well. They’re very focused, and the real estate professional who gives them a destination with useful information and tools will get their attention.


Put that Investors tab in your navigation, and have dropdown menu items for things like:

  • Local & national real estate investing news.
  • Consistent monthly & quarterly local market news.
  • Reliable rental market information.

You can do the investor news stuff with RSS, Really Simple Syndication, feeds if you like. They’ll pull news for you automatically, so it’s a one-time setup. There are also many sources of relevant news, such as email alerts to new surveys and reports like this one from CoreLogic.

Facilitate - Don't Hand-hold

This is good news for you. Your investor wants someone who can help them to locate make deals, not point out features and benefits. You’ll show fewer properties and spend less time with investors than with retail buyers and sellers.


Put together the best set of features, news, and tools you can that will inform your investor visitors. Then, in your email or other marketing, offer your services in locating and getting deals done. Be ready and willing to write contracts knowing that you’ll end up doing more of those for each deal, but you’ll still spend less time than with picky buyers and sellers.