Triple Your IDX Search Leads in Under an Hour

2 May 2018

Are you tired of seeing traffic stats for hundreds of visitors to your IDX search page with very few turning into IDX search leads?  How can you see almost immediate results for more IDX search leads from that page?  It’s really not as difficult as it may seem.  The key is to think about what that visitor is seeking when they’re on that page.  There are two proven ways to generate leads from IDX and here is how to do it.

Offer #1:  More of What They Came There For

The site visitor is on that page because they want to know what homes are for sale, whether they are a buyer or a seller.  Mostly they’re buyers seeking the perfect home to buy.  However, sellers or potential sellers also do searches to see what the competition will be if they put their home up for sale.  They both want to know what is for sale, where, and for how much.

Step #1:  The Offer and Call-To-Action

Set up a call-to-action and form to get their contact information.  In exchange, you’re offering them more of what they came there for.  You offer them automated email alerts of all new listings that come on the market that meet their search criteria. In today’s Internet age, everything is accelerated, so make sure to stress that they’ll get their email reports “as listings happen.”  When an agent publishes up a listing in the MLS, the email will go out to the prospect.

Step #2:  Stress the Price Change Alerts

Make sure to put extra emphasis on the fact that they’ll also get immediate alerts when the price of a home that meets their criteria is reduced.  Make a big deal of the fact that they’ll often know before other MLS agents when a home’s price is reduced.  If it’s one they have on their short list, they can get a jump on the competition to make an offer.

Tip:  Get the Right Info

There is more than one way to do this.  You may want to test to see which gets the most leads.  To create their search, you’ll need their criteria for homes.  You decide what you want, but you’ll definitely need the price range, size, neighborhood, and whatever other information fields you think are important to them.

  • You can have all of these as fields in the lead form on the IDX page.
  • You can direct them with the form submittal to another page immediately with the criteria form.  This makes it faster and easier to get them to give you their contact info.
  • You can have an automated email response that asks all of the questions.  This is one way to give more instruction and to introduce yourself.

This one offering will increase your lead generation from the IDX page, but there’s more.

Offer #2:  Periodic Sold Property Reports

Listings are great, but those list prices are not sold prices.  Sellers, in particular, are interested in what homes are selling for.  Buyers want to see how much sold prices are discounted from list prices.

Step #1:  Set up the Call-To-Action

You’ll need to sell this a little.  You want to sell the value of knowing sold prices, as they’re going to be lower than the list prices in most cases.  It is a way to watch the market to get an idea as to which areas are hot and which offer value.

Step #2: Go to the MLS and Run a Report for You

See what fields are available to you in the MLS reporting function if you can modify what is shown, and what you think is of value to the site visitor.  There may be information that you can remove from the report if you don’t think they need or want it.  Or, you may remove some so that you can offer it later.

Tip:  Choose the Best Time Period for Reports

This depends on your preferences and possibly the speed of your market.  If the average prospect who buys does so within 90 days from the first contact, you may want to offer them monthly reports.  If it takes longer, quarterly or bi-monthly reports may work well.  Or, you could give them a choice, though that puts a little more work on you to segregate them and keep up with it.

Offer both of these services on you IDX search page and you’re guaranteed to increase your IDX search leads dramatically.