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2 Aug 2017

How’s that real estate website working for your real estate lead generation?  Are great buyer and seller leads flowing in with contact info?  How about your conversions from anonymous visitors to prospects and then to closings?

Or, is your site more like a billboard next to a busy highway?

Notice that we’re not talking about the billboard next to a country road with no traffic.  We’ll assume that you’re getting visitors to your real estate website, but they’re just driving by.  Maybe you’re doing some things right and getting a dribble of leads.  You have a buyer page that’s dedicated to buyer leads with a form and call to action.  You have the same for sellers.

What you need to do right now is to go through your real estate website, every page, and see what your content is on that page and how it is of value to a visitor.  It should have some visitor value or it should be removed or re-written.  In doing this, figure out how the content of each page is of value and then use the C2A Site Strategy to create a lead generation machine.

C2A Site Visitor Strategy #1: Buyer Oriented Content

Read your content on pages that are focused on buyers or are primarily about topics of interest to buyers.  Focus on a need for information that each page fills.  Perhaps it’s content about the initial contract offer pricing strategy.  Or, maybe it’s about the inspection and repairs negotiation process.  Do you have a call-to-action lead form on every page, and is it the same one for all?

Buyer Content C2A Ideas

The beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t cost anything and it WILL jump-start your real estate lead generation.  For buyers, use these offers and calls to action:

  • Offers and counter offers examples:  This would be good for a page discussing negotiations.  Offer the buyer visitor a report of actual deals with the first offer (with any contingencies) and then each counter offer.  Choose two or three interesting deals that illustrate the way these negotiations can go.  Purge any address or personal info and just give the numbers and contingencies/responses with each counter.
  • Example real inspection report summary and the repairs requested:  On that page talking about inspections and repair negotiations this is the offer.  Again, purge any info that would identify the property or any persons involved.  This kind of stuff is like catnip for buyers.
  • Sample real appraisal report:  You should have a page that explains the appraisal process to buyers and what happens if the appraised value falls below the agreed upon purchase price.
  • Exceptions section of a title binder/commitment:  This is something of interest to many buyers, especially first time home buyers.
  • Settlement sheet with buyer side closing costs:  This one is always popular and will get you some great leads, as they’re warm enough to be concerned about the costs.
C2A Site Visitor Strategy #2:  Seller Oriented Content

Some seller content overlaps with buyer content, but from the opposite viewpoint, such as the other side of every one of the buyer items above.  Simply use the same reports, but comment in them from the seller’s instead of the buyer’s point of view and title them appropriately. Of course, for the closing costs, just give them the seller’s side.  Change the wording of the call-to-action to grab sellers’ attention and get their interest and conversion.

Seller Content C2A Ideas

Use the other side of all of the buyer ideas above, but there are a couple of others that are of particular interest to sellers:

  • Example Real CMA:  On any page talking about home prices or value, even one offering a free preliminary CMA, offer a free copy of a CMA for a home, of course purging identifying information.
  • Most common inspection defect items:  Provide actual comments from inspections about the most commonly cited deficiencies.  In one area it could be ground sloping toward the foundation, while in another it may be stucco cracking.
Don't Forget Blog Posts!

Most of us know that a blog can draw good traffic, and we know that linking from the blog to relevant site content is good strategy for SEO and for lead generation.  But, why not have a call-to-action on the blog post page as well?  Sure, a post about negotiations for buyers can and should link them to the page that has more info.  However, why not have the same call-to-action on the blog page itself.  This could get the lead without the risk of losing them in clicking away.

The C2A Real Estate Lead Generation strategy will increase the leads generated by your website.  Don’t forget to take other actions to do even more real estate lead generation.