Stop Wasting Money On Zillow, Trullia and

22 May 2017

This is the third post in our series on how to generate at least 10 new home seller leads each week.

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Part 3: Stop wasting money on Zillow, Trulia & Generate your own leads! [you are here]

It’s time to get serious about generating your own real estate leads. Let’s look at three reasons it’s far better to generate your own leads than to get them from Zillow, Trulia, and

Reason #1: The Bang isn’t Worth the Buck?

There’s a very good reason that Zillow and the other big sites are spending tons of money to get top position in both the organic free search and the paid search results of Google and the other search engines. They’re spending money to make money. By taking a place between the consumer and the real estate professional, they can make a ton of money selling access and leads to real estate agents. Is the bang worth the buck for the real estate professional? We don’t think it is by a stretch! But, don’t take our word for it. Here are some screen shots of what other real estate professionals are saying about their real world experiences.

real estate professionals' experiences

real estate professionals' experiences

real estate professionals' experiences

Reason #2: Inaccurate Listing Data Equals Disgruntled Home Buyers and Sellers.

There is plenty of validation out there about the inaccuracy of listing information on Zillow and Trulia. It is understandable, as a lot of it is input by agents or automated syndication services. They are quite efficient at adding listings, but many times they do nothing to remove them. There are a great many listings out there on these sites that are no longer on the market. They sell or are withdrawn, and they simply aren’t removed. A buyer who gets a request about their home for sale only a few months after they bought it is not a happy buyer.


As for Zestimates, the estimates of the value of homes, they vary a LOT in accuracy. There are states that have privacy laws, so sold prices are not published, and there are errors in entry. There is also the use in some cases of AVMs, Automated Valuation Models, which are computer programs calculating values based on inputs that may or may not be accurate or up to date. Some comments from the Web about Zestimates:

comments about Zestimates

comments about Zestimates

Reason #3: You’re at Their Mercy – Everything Changes and Prices Rise at Their Whim.

It’s their site, their business, and you’re at their mercy when it comes to how they want to do business and how much they want to charge. The more leads they see coming from a zip code, the more they will want to increase the price to do business there. Here’s one agent’s comment:

It’s Not a Battle – Just a Decision

There is no great fight between these sites and the average real estate professional. They aren’t going anywhere simply because there are a great many real estate agents out there who will pay for exposure on these sites because it is easy. The trade-off is major, as the cost is huge. However, there will always be agents who use Zillow, Trulia, and to get leads.

But, there will also be real estate professionals willing to spend a little more time and effort, and far less money, in smarter more productive lead generation methods. Have you advertised with ZTR (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor)? How was your experience? I would like to know! Please use the comments section below respond.