Single Property Websites to Impress Sellers & Generate Leads

9 May 2018

Is a single property website something you want to do?  As the costs to have multiple websites have dropped over the years, it’s little more than hosting to have a website for each of your listings, but are they worth the effort?  If done well and the right lead generation tools are used, these sites can both help you to get listings and to get leads for buyers.  Here’s how.

Get More Listings

The real estate world is quite competitive, as you’re well aware.  A listing is a valuable business resource, and anything you can do to help you to convince a seller that you’re right for the job is valuable to you.  Sellers are doing more interviews, even when they’ve received referrals from friends and relatives.  You want to go into that interview totally prepared and you can even benefit from some preparatory communications with the prospect.

They're Searching the Web - Impress Them

Before you even know about a seller prospect, they’ve probably been searching the Web to see what the local housing competition is as well as what local websites are doing to market their listings.  Does your MLS listing have a way to promote a link to your website?  If so, it should be a link to a single property site for that listing.  Linking with text like “Get more information and lots more photos of this home here.”  Linking to a website exclusively for that property is going to impress sellers, as they see the extra effort you’re putting into marketing for your listings.

Prepare Them for the Interview

When you’re contacted to talk to the sellers about listing their home, begin a process to get them ready for your interview.  Send them links to your single property websites for other listings.  Tell them that your sellers do not just rely on the MLS listing to present their homes properly.  The MLS limits photos and videos, while you can do what you want with your own site.  Ask them to check those listing sites out, and write down any questions or requests for you to use when designing their home listing website.  You’re building credibility and goodwill doing this.

Do it up Right!

Build a really nice listing site.  Use lots of photos, more than on the MLS for the same home.  Use video.  Use more text to describe the home, even if you have to hire a writer to do it well.  The more impressive the site, the more impressed the seller will be.

Get Buyer Leads from Single Property Sites

A single property website doesn’t just have value in selling the home and impressing the listing prospect.  There are ways to use the single property site to generate buyer leads.  You must do this carefully, as you don’t want to have your seller seeing you trying to divert buyers away from their home.  However, you can do some calls-to-action and forms that generate buyer leads and do not upset sellers.

Offer Property Sold Reports

Offer a report of properties sold over the past six months in that neighborhood.  Do so with a link statement like:  “See how this home beats the competition by viewing what’s sold recently in the area.”  Just say it in a way that promotes the listing while offering more information.  Or, “Get a Property Sold Report for the Past 3 Months to See Why this Home is a Great Buy.”

You’re offering more information that buyers will value to get their contact information, but you’re doing so from your single property website without upsetting the seller.  This stuff works.  Just get to doing it!