Reducing Objections & Real Estate Buyers Remorse Before Showings

15 May 2019

At times, working with real estate buyers can be frustrating. This is especially true if they consistently object to homes that meet their stated criteria, or worse, they back out of a purchase contract.

You can over-react and try too hard to qualify them before showings, especially if you ask too many questions in online lead generation forms and they simply leave your site. Getting the best and most urgent buyers to the top of your list is important, so how do we do that without losing real estate buyer prospects?

Get Serious About Buyers

Before trying to let the cream rise to the top of your prospecting list, get serious about generating enough buyer leads that you have choices. Really successful buyer agents sometimes even refer buyers out; of course the ones that are low on the priority list!

Know Who You Want

Be sure of the type of buyers you work best with and get to the closing table the most often. Are they first-time buyers, baby boomers downsizing, investors, career movers, etc.? If you don’t care and any buyer will do, that’s fine; it just increases the amount of targeted content you want on the site.

You want to create content targeted to the information and service needs of your preferred buyers. First-time buyers want lots of “process” education, as they often don’t have a clue how they get the key to the front door. Investors want just the facts and the numbers, and they’re seeking bargains. Lay out a content plan for your preferred buyer types, and create landing pages for SEO and with valuable information for each real estate buyer type.

Getting Volume Leads

There is no such thing as “too many leads.” Once you have a steady flow of buyer leads from your website you can begin to filter them to identify the hottest leads with buyers ready to take the plunge.

Lead Generation Strategies

Every buyer page on your site should have at least one lead generation tool in place. It must be relevant to the content of the page. Here are a couple of examples:

  • “What’s a good first offer price?” – This is a common question, and you’ll want to address it in detail. Talk about seller motivations, time on market, sales discount to list price, etc. For lead generation, offer email delivery of a report of recent MLS sales with list price and sold price to see the discount.
  • “How do you recognize a good value?” – Explain the CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, the process for how listing prices are calculated. Talk about market movement and how current listing prices can be compared to see if the home is mis-priced or markets have moved to create a bargain. Your lead generation can be a sample CMA delivered via email.

Those are just a couple of examples, best related to first-time buyers. Come up with pages that answer questions or explain the transaction process, negotiations, etc. For the content of each page, think of some report or sample document you can offer via email to get the lead.

Prioritize the Leads with Email

Once you have their contact information, it’s time to attempt to get them to reveal where they are in the process, from tire-kicker to ready to buy. Right now, you just have a pile of leads, and that’s a great thing. You have their email address, so you can follow up with prioritization questions or offers.

Start with the Delivery Email

Don’t waste the email delivering that lead generation offer. Sure, they’re going to get what they wanted, the report or sample document. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use that email to ask a question or make another offer that will help you to prioritize the lead.

Example: Using the report with listing prices and closing prices for the discount to list for sales, you could make another offer. It could look something like this: “Thanks for the report request, and it is attached. I prepare these once a month, so this one is not completely up to date. I can send you a current one for the most recent sales. Just reply to this email and let me know and I’ll get it to you in a hurry.”

If you get that email request, you’re likely to be hearing from a buyer who is almost ready to pull the trigger. For every lead generation document or report email delivery, make another offer of some type that would indicate they’re serious about buying sooner rather than later.

The Next Emails

If you don’t hear from that first delivery email offer, don’t quit. You don’t want an unsubscribe, so don’t send a flurry of emails. You can wait a few days and send them another of your related lead generation offer reports or documents. You sent the discount to list email, so now you could send along the example CMA document.

When you send it, offer to do a current CMA not on sold prices but on listing prices for current homes. You’ll need to get their home requirements so you can select comps, so this is how you try to get them to contact you. If they do, you probably have a hot lead.