Real Estate News Curation for Your Website

23 Jan 2019

What two different audiences have a common interest that can make real estate news very important for your website?  Your prospects and Google is the answer, and here’s why.  Google can index your website, and every now and then their bots will drop by to see if there’s anything new.  If Google begins to see regular new content, their bots will increase the frequency of their visits and you’ll pick up some SEO clout.

As for your prospective buyers and sellers, a great many of them will appreciate one place to get relevant real estate news, especially when it’s localized as well as national.  Active buyers, sellers, and investors want to know what’s happening that can influence their next sale, purchase, or investment.  The good news is that there is an easy and free way to have fresh content news delivered to your website regularly.

Using RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It is a standard that allows new content published on sites and blogs to be automatically delivered to subscribers who want to receive it as it’s posted.  If your website allows you to include RSS feeds in your page or post content, you’re ready to take advantage of its benefits.

Go Out and Find Them

Depending on your browser, you may see this small orange icon indicating an active RSS feed when you’re viewing a site or blog.  If your browser doesn’t show it, you can look for the icon on the pages of the site, as they want you to know about it so that they can get subscribers for their new content.

There are two ways you can approach this.  First, you can simply use your website provider’s function to automatically display the RSS feed news items as they are delivered.  Here’s a feed example from

Second, you can use an RSS Feed Reader, they’re free, to subscribe so that you can pick and choose what you want on your site.  This takes more work, as you’ll have to copy and paste the news items into the site.  It does have the advantage of allowing you to check local feed items to make sure they’re not mentioning or promoting your competition.

Finding Feed Lists

There are thousands of blogs and sites with RSS feeds pertaining to real estate and real estate news.  You can do searches for them and also lists of them, like this list with more than 100 real estate related feeds.

Place Feeds Strateically

You can just have a single page titled Real Estate News with multiple feeds.  Another, sometimes better, approach is to strategically place feeds as related to the content of a page.  Once you start locating feeds, you’ll find at least several for each type of prospect, sellers, buyers, etc.

If your site allows you to place feed results on pages with other content, you can put them with content that is relevant.  A seller feed on a listings information feed, especially one that relates to home prices, is a good example.  The same could apply to a buyer information page, as they’re interested in prices as well.  Buyers also have a great interest in mortgage interest rates.

The point is to have relevant real estate content regularly added to your website as automatically as possible.  Your visitors will like it, and Google will as well.