Real Estate Buyers Want More Process Content

16 Apr 2019

Real estate buyers come from various financial situations and with widely different ideas of what makes a great home for their needs. They also arrive with very different levels of knowledge of the process, from a first purchase to a seasoned investor. So, what’s a common characteristic of real estate buyers that can work for us in marketing to them?

No matter how many properties they’ve purchased, every real estate buyer is always open to learning more about the transaction process or particular niche information that applies to their deal. You may be covering most of the major phases of a common transaction, but more information is always a plus for site visitors, and even for the search engines.

The Search

Here you have an opportunity to not only educate a little but also to generate an early lead. Obviously, they’re searching for a home or property that meets certain specific needs and desires.


Let the real estate website listings searcher know that you have something better to offer than just letting them search the IDX on your site. Properly presented, this is one of the best lead generation strategies you can use. You explain that you can create a custom email alert for new listings and price reductions of homes that meet their specific criteria.

Build a call to action to fill out a form with their property criteria to receive customized email alerts of new listings as they happen. Stress that they’ll also get notices of price reductions so that they can watch their favorites. Generally, the most serious buyers will be the quickest to jump on this offer.

The Negotiation & Contract

Here is another opportunity to inform buyers and to generate leads. Even seasoned buyers are always interested in making the best deal, and you can help with local market information.


This is the perfect opportunity to appeal to everyone’s desire to get a good deal on a property. You’re going to educate them a little in how DOM, Days on Market, influence price reductions and offer prices. You also explain that there is a “discount-to-list” report that shows what actual contract prices are as a percentage of listed prices. Offer those reports here via email to get their contact information.

The Transaction Process

This can seem like the boring part to seasoned buyers or investors, but you can make it interesting to all of your website visitors by getting into the weeks a little and explaining the possible pitfalls during the transaction. It doesn’t need to be scary, just factual information with real-life examples if you have them.


For many buyers, giving examples of some of the most common defects noted in property inspections is of interest. You don’t have to give names or addresses, just quotes out of inspection reports so that they know what they may see when their report is delivered.

Another area that is often under-explained is the abstract or title insurance binder/commitment. Explaining with real examples some of the most common requirements and exceptions is always good information.

You can’t have too much information for buyers about the transaction process. If you fear boring the most experienced, always start an article/post/page with a summary of the detail to come and your call-to-action. If they go ahead and read the rest, place the call-to-action again at the end to generate the lead.