Real Estate Branding by Niche Market Will Grow Your Business

27 Sep 2017

Real estate branding means pretty much the same thing to many real estate professionals.  To prove it, do Web searches in your market area, and you’ll find that the vast majority of the results are some version of “real estate” and your market area.  Or, almost as many will be some version of “homes for sale” and your market area.

What other real estate branding can you do that will mean something to consumers?  Find a niche and not only work it but brand it as well.  So, what are some niches you can work for real estate commissions?

  • vacation homes
  • baby boomers
  • Hispanics
  • first time home buyers
  • downsizers
  • luxury homes
  • condominiums
  • fixer uppers
  • newlyweds
  • divorcees
  • lofts
  • vacant land
  • investors
  • foreclosures
  • subdivisions or areas of town
  • there are more…

The point is that in most markets there are a number of niches that can be very productive for the real estate professional.  However, they must market the niche with niche-specific real estate branding.

How much more search engine clout will you have with more niche-focused website domain names and real estate branding.

  • “yourmarketarea luxury homes”
  • “yourmarketarea first time home buyers”
  • “yourmarketarea real estate investor site”
  • “foreclosures in yourmarketarea”

You’re getting the idea.  The beauty of these niche strategies is that you can be working multiples at the same time.  You can have websites and other marketing focused on each niche of interest to you and prominent in your market area.

One approach is to use subdomains instead of or in addition to subdirectories on websites.  For example, a luxury homes niche could look like either or both of these:


There is a difference in how Google indexes and treats these two options for search engine positioning.  When it’s, it’s just another location on a larger website.  This loses a lot of the clout of having a site dedicated to the niche.

When it’s, Google treats it as a unique site.  You can buy a domain name like and point it to this site, and it will look and act like an individual site.  Your goal with subdomains is to keep the content in each very tightly focused on the niche, key phrase, and real estate branding strategy.

Some real estate website providers do not have subdomain features available.  Others will charge extra for subdomains.  Of course, the ideal strategy would be to have an individual website with the niche in the domain name.  Your first reaction, as it is for many, is to shy away, as this is going to be costly.

If you’re only working one niche, the real estate branding and website costs are manageable.  However, you’re going to be much more successful and make a lot more money if you work multiple niches and have each separately branded and positioned on the Web.  There are cost effective ways to get the job done.

One way is to build multiple websites with WordPress with a unique niche domain name.  WordPress is free, but the time to do this is a cost.  You’ll also have the hosting costs, and they go on forever.  Websitebox offers a suite of niche websites with a one-time upfront cost and no ongoing hosting costs.  For the niche markets not represented, the process to edit and customize one of the existing sites will get the job done.

However you make it happen, a separate online presence for each market niche, including subdivisions or geographical areas, is the most effective way to get better SEO, reduce costs of PPC and generate more focused and qualified leads that you’ll get to the closing table.