Real Estate Blog-and-Share for Steady Business

21 Aug 2018

How many visitors does your real estate blog get each month?  I’m sure you would agree that you’d like a lot more visits.  If you’re not blogging at all, you really need to read more about the benefits to your business, then use this article to increase your real estate blog reach.  Reasons given for not blogging or neglecting a real estate blog are common, with perhaps the most often cited reason being that it’s a lot of trouble and there isn’t enough time to come up with posts, get the content written and edited, and post it on the site.

There isn’t a shortcut to a good real estate blog, so you’ll just have to decide that the time and effort is worth it, and you want to come up with relevant content valuable to your potential buyer and seller visitors.  Once you’ve made the decision to seriously blog about real estate and your market area, it’s time to figure out how you can leverage your content to get far more eyes on it than your website blog would ever get on its own.

Your Content Strategy 

A blog has a different mission from your static website.  Your real estate blog should consistently publish good information, but also current relevant events, real estate news, neighborhood information, real estate related transaction, and taxation information.  The idea is to create a source of ongoing interesting and valuable content for anyone interested in the local market area and real estate.

Develop an Editorial Calendar 

Use anything from a wall calendar to a database or online calendar to create post title ideas into the future.  Decide on how often you’d like to post, then set up proposed title ideas on your calendar.  Remember to consider seasonal relevancy as well.  The more you can plan ahead, the less stressful your regular posting will be.

The most effective post idea generator you have is your real estate knowledge and the many questions you answer every year.  You get asked questions by sellers during listing discussions, buyers during showings, and others interested in real estate.  You answer the questions in the course of your day and forget about them.  Don’t do that in the future.  Record every question you’re asked, as each one of them is a post idea.  The answers become the posts.

Set Up Your Social Leverage 

You need a BUSINESS presence on social media sites.  You can use your personal profiles for certain things, but just about everything related to business should go to your business presence profiles/pages.

A Place for Promoting Every Post 

Build a Facebook business page.  Set up a business Twitter account.  Build a Google+ Community.  Use LinkedIn for your business presence as well.  Set up Instagram and Pinterest accounts for business.  Once you have your business presences set up, you will be selectively passing along your blog posts to these social and business pages.

If you can, every post to every site is the best approach, but it’s time-consuming.  You can just use the share buttons on your site’s posts to send them over.  You may want to selectively publish some posts to certain sites and others to different social sites.  The point is to leverage your single written post across multiple sites to get more eyes on it.  There are ways to decide what goes best where.  A post intended to instruct first-time homebuyers works great on Facebook and Twitter.  A post about the transaction process will be relevant on LinkedIn.  Anything community or market area related will do well on your Google+ Community.

Change Up Your Titles 

What works for one blog post may not be perfect to attract eyes on all of the social sites.  You’re going to want to think about what gets attention on each site and tweak your titles to work better there.

Titles Get Attention 

You get a feel for and can track what gets viewed and shared on these social sites.  As you get more into the process, you can customize your titles to get the most attention and generate traffic back to your site.  While you may take an instructional tone for a title about the transaction process on your blog, a more business-like title for that post would generate more interest on LinkedIn.

The idea here is to dramatically leverage your blog posts across the Internet with social media.  The more eyes you can get on your content, the more traffic you’ll generate, and the more leads you’ll get.