Landing Pages for Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation

9 Jan 2019

Last week, we put together a plan for real estate seller lead generation, and this week we’ll apply those strategies and build a plan for real estate buyer lead generation.  Summarizing the strategies from last week before we get specific for buyers:

  • Set Out What You Need for Content
  • Create Landing Page Answers
  • Generate the Leads

All of those steps and instructions apply to creating your plan for real estate buyer lead generation and its execution.  Now let’s look at buyer specific information.

Local or Out of Area Buyers

Local buyers already know the area well, though they will want information specific to neighborhoods.  They may know about a neighborhood and have driven through it or have friends or family living in that area.  You don’t need a lot of basic information, but specific info, from home price ranges to schools details will be of interest.

Out of area buyers will need more information, from your entire market area to drill-downs into each of the neighborhoods.  The way to keep your visitors from leaving your landing pages without taking the actions you want is to arrange the info on the landing page such that the locals aren’t bored with details they know.  The out of area buyers will find all of the info valuable.

Action:  Locals First

Start the content on the page with the details and information that local buyers will find of interest.  If you start with generic whole area information, you may lose the local buyers before they get to the information they want.  It’s all going to work for out of area buyers.

Think of it like Google Maps and you’re zooming out from the neighborhood.  Start with the most detailed information for the neighborhood and then zoom out, taking in more of the area as you zoom.  Using photos and even mini-map embeds, you can give both buyer types what they want and do so with an interesting format.

Buyer Value-Add Info

You’ll want your real estate buyer lead generation to be added value reports or examples that will be of interest to buyers, and most of it will be of interest to both local and out of area buyers.  You’ll take the same email delivery and forms to get their name and email approach.

Action: Build the Offerings

Some of what interests potential listing client sellers will also interest buyers of both types.  Sold property reports are always lead-getters:

  • Days on Market Report for Sold Homes, but for buyers sort it by DOM if you can, and give them an average by price range.  This way they can see which currently listed homes are getting old and may be targets for bargains.
  • Discounts to List for Sales.  They can see how much play there is below list on average by price range to see how much higher they can shop in price than their target or maximum price.
  • Of interest to first-time buyers, offer example closing documents without personal information, and you can also offer a sample abstract or title binder.

Placing these on the appropriate listing pages as offerings via email will increase your real estate buyer leads.

SEO Clout

This applies to last week’s pages for sellers as well.  You’ll want to place local references into all of your titles and where applicable in your content.  As an example:  Instead of How Is My Home’s Listing Price Determined?, you would use “How is My NeighborhoodName Home’s Listing Price Determined?”

Placing a local geographical reference into as many places as possible will give you better scores for SEO with Google.  This is especially true with more searches being done on mobile devices than ever before.

Coordinate your plans for sellers and buyers and your site will get more traffic, and you’ll generate more leads as well.