Is Your Real Estate Seller Content Hitting the Mark?

9 Apr 2019

The real estate seller is a prime prospect, as listings are known to be the best business building tool for real estate professionals. They also can feel like they’re the targets of tons of marketing, emails, and repetitive advice. When you’re pursued by a throng of real estate agents, it feels like a pack, and your attention is mostly in getting away; nobody stands out.

Study the Competition

When you are checking out the competition’s marketing, you’re usually looking for good ideas. In the real estate business, you should be just as attentive to what is common, and then not doing it.

Don't Serve Up Boring Stew

There is plenty of repetition out there on real estate websites and in their marketing:

  • Suggestions for appealing smells for showings.
  • Emails with tips for inexpensive home improvements for listing.
  • The “I’m a Top Producer” marketing.
  • Endless “curb appeal” articles and tips.

It’s OK to have some of this content, but notice that it is all about what will help to sell the home, and they’re seeing this stuff everywhere.

Do Better Research

Sometimes we get too involved in the “selling” that we don’t spend enough time and effort in understanding what we’re selling and how to present it. Before we even walk through a prospective listing, do we have enough data to know what’s going to work for that particular home?

Go From General to Specific

We know that the home seller just wants to sell and get the best price possible, and they have goals for how long they’re willing to wait for a successful sale. Why not give them more specific ideas of what works? Can you think back and begin to take notes as to what your buyers and buyers of your listings say was important in their purchase decision?

In some cases you may not be able to see examples or parallels in a listing, but in others you may.

  • “We loved the kitchen, spacious and with serving bar. We live in the kitchen.”
  • We both work at home and need some quiet office space; this house was perfect.
  • With our busy schedules, we liked this house because we had a gym, restaurants, and entertainment that we both liked nearby.

There are so many comments like this that you hear in your business and when showing homes, and they’re all valuable if you pay attention. Keep a file/database of these, as the larger it gets, the more likely you’ll find one or more that apply to a listing prospect’s home.

Build Content Around It

Now you have some valuable information that is more specific to a seller’s home, and you don’t have to see it to point it out. You write content about these different specific features and buyer comments as “real-world” examples that your prospective sellers can see in their homes.

Give them something different from your competition and you’ll stand out of the crowd chasing their listing.