Introducing 3 New IDX LeadSites

21 Mar 2017

You’re at the start of a three-part series of posts to show you how you can use your IDX, Internet Data Exchange, feature on your website to generate a massive stream of quality leads.

Part 1: Introducing 3 New IDX LeadSites [you are here]
Part 2: Proven 4-Step Formula for Generating More Home Buyer Leads Using Your IDX Website
Part 3: 9 Reasons You're Doing IDX Wrong[coming soon]

Too many real estate websites are like billboards alongside a highway. People come and go, but they really just glance at what you have to offer, then they just drive by.

One reason is that your biggest traffic generation feature, your IDX search, isn’t designed and specifically constructed to lead your search visitors to provide you with their contact information. Sure, you may be able to force them to register just to search, but that just drives most of them to other sites where they don’t have to give up personal information to search.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to three WebsiteBox IDX LeadSites, each with unique features that will appeal to a different segment of your site visitors. That’s just the “get them involved” part of the site’s mission. The real value to you is in the offers of enhanced search functions and more friendly registration options that encourage them to become a lead rather than an anonymous visitor.

Lead Generation

What this ISN’T:
is a page on your current website.

What it IS:
a standalone website dedicated to IDX functionality and lead generation. It displays and functions perfectly on all devices, big or small. Today’s mobile real estate shopper will love the ease of use of this site. Of course, your IDX LeadSite is connected with your local MLS, with regular updates to keep it current.


Right now you could be running the other way thinking about the hassles and cost of setting up another website, and for just one purpose at that. Actually, setting it up once you have your domain name is quite easy, takes just a few minutes, and it’s generating leads right away.

As for cost, how about a one-time cost of only $99, and no ongoing hosting costs, no monthly fees forever? That’s right. Now you can really get excited and dig in.

Get the Look You Want

Choose a design and color scheme that you like. It’s just a click.

Your Visitors will Love the Search


The Ultimate IDX search display is a dynamic map that displays the listings by location. Sliders let the searcher set their minimum criteria and price range. On the left, you get the search results, and the searcher can sort them by the criteria most important to them. A short summary gives them more information so they can decide whether to click on one of them to see the full listing detail.

If the searcher prefers to select properties based on their location, mousing over an icon will pop up a box with the main features.

Clicking either on the listing at the left or the map popup will slide out a full listing detail with scrolling to go through every information field in the MLS.

Notice the arrows that point to two features that are available to the searcher, saving a note for a listing and saving the listing itself.

When they click on one of those buttons, they’re presented with a box to enter their information. They will then be registered and be a new quality lead prospect for you.

The Ultimate IDX search display and functionality are designed to be user-friendly and to get them to the information they want quickly.

Riches in Prospect Information

Once a searcher registers, you get some amazing capabilities as well. You can see what they’re doing on the site, the properties they’re searching, their criteria, price ranges, and the homes they’re marking as favorites. This is powerful information. You aren’t sitting back waiting for them to ask a question. You can be proactive.

One way of using this activity information is to offer help or more information. Let’s say that a searcher is searching homes in a specific neighborhood and price range. You know of a nearby neighborhood with similar homes at lower prices. You can email them with a search and a note that they may find these homes of interest.

You are not going to find a more powerful lead generation system from IDX out there, and all for only a $99 one-time charge. Why wait? But, there are other options as well.


This will be a little shorter of a section, but it’s for a very good reason. You’re going to get all of the functionality of the Ultimate IDX LeadSite, just in a different orientation and presentation package. Yep, all of the above, but with an appeal for a different audience.

For those searchers who like to use maps and look at pictures, this is an IDX site they will love. Comprehensive yet simple, the Perfect Search LeadSite™ gives the thoughtful buyer everything they need in one place. Property type? Check. Basic Features? Check. Price range? Check. Location? Of course, check! User-friendly and peppered with pictures, they know what they are looking for and you make it easy for them to find it.

This is a screen shot of one of the design selections and the beginning of a search. The searcher has a slider for price-range and then can enter a community or area and bedrooms and baths criteria. The searcher can limit results by property types with the buttons for Residential, Commercial, Lots/Land and Rentals. When the criteria are set, clicking the Search Now! button gets another map display with the results:

You don’t just get the results on a map, though. The searcher gets rich images of the homes with the criteria overview. Clicking either on the map icon or the listing with an image, we get the full listing detail display.

This feature-rich display is topped by a slideshow of the images of the listing. Scrolling down yields all of the MLS listing information items, as well as a map that allows the searcher to show the nearby points of interest. They can quickly see where the things are that are important to them.

The Save This Search button, as well as a Save Listing button in the full detail, will give them a registration popup for their name and email address … and you have a lead!

Now You Have a Choice Dilemma — NOT

We know that there are some site visitors who will love this format, while others will love the Ultimate IDX LeadSite. So, which do you choose? Why choose at all? Just like the other site, you can have this one up and running in minutes for only $99, and never another fee EVER. Why deny some of your visitors the format they will love. You’ll get more leads if you give them choices.

It’s the same IDX, but a very different presentation. This one is all about images, and it appeals to a very large segment of today’s home buying public. In our go-go world, many people don’t take the time to slow down and read. If you’re going to capture their attention your best bet may very well be with pictures. The Picture Perfect LeadSite™ is immediately gratifying to the visual homebuyer by combining photos and easy map search allowing them to envision themselves perfectly in their new dream home.

Rich imagery with the basics of each listing is displayed. But, if they want to narrow their search a bit more:

Clicking the bottom of the criteria box gives the searcher more criteria to narrow their search results and zero in on the best homes for their needs.
Clicking one of the overview boxes opens it up for a full detail listing view, with a map and scrolling listing fields information. They also can click through the images.

The same lead generation special features options are offered in this IDX LeadSite as well. The searcher is offered the ability to save searches and listings. This of course, will require a login, which means they give you their contact information.

Here we are with this choice thing again. But, think about it. People are different, and their preferences in searching for a home online will be different as well. What one group finds perfect, another group will not really find impressive. If you want to jump out in front of all of your competition, why not offer this, and even all three of the sites, each with its own domain name.

If you want to start with just one, choose the one you like best. Once you see the lead generation power of this approach, you will not hesitate to double or triple your leads with more exposure.

Visualize a couple of weeks into the future and a steady stream of quality buyer leads in a CRM and prospect monitoring system that helps you to convert leads to clients and commissions. it’s easy, inexpensive and fast.

This is the first in a 3-part series to make you an expert at generating leads with an IDX website.