How To Use Real Estate Testimonials Online the Right Way

11 Dec 2017

How can you use real estate testimonials much more effectively for lead generation?  It’s a question you should be asking yourself if you’re not already.  In today’s online social media world, it’s never been more clear that customer referrals and testimonials can grow your business.  Especially when it comes to the Millennial generation, they are very reliant on recommendations by their peers on the social sites for everything from restaurants to real estate professionals.

Get More Focused Testimonials

Sure, we all love those “we got great service from…” testimonials, or the “she helped us find the perfect home…” statements.  They’re fine, but they don’t really relate specifically to content and calls-to-action you have on your website for lead generation.  You need to get testimonials more relevant to specific services you offer.

How to Do It

First, simply ask for them.  However, when you do ask, make a specific request related to something the customers/clients mentioned they appreciated or really liked about your services.  Suppose you did help a first-time buyer couple to find their dream home by recommending checking out homes just above their price range.  You were able to help them to negotiate a lower price on a home they at first didn’t find in their own price searches.

Ask them to give you that testimonial that specifically speaks to how you helped them to find a home they would have missed otherwise, and then get it within their affordability range.  Help them to word it if you want, but get the more focused testimonial.

Relate the Testimonial to Content

Once you have this testimonial, find an article or page on your site that speaks to price ranges, home affordability, negotiations, and first offer prices.  If you don’t have this content addressing looking outside the affordability range, create it.  Often a hard price based search will cause searchers to miss awesome homes just a few thousand dollars above their search top price.

How to Do It

Whether in your sidebar next to the content or through a quoted testimonial in the content itself, get that testimonial wording on the page with the relevant content.  Either way works, but often it’s more effective in a bold quote with maybe an image in the sidebar “above the fold” on the page.

Relate it to a Call-to-Action

All of this is great, but it’s not helping you much unless it’s helping you to generate leads.  You need to have a call to action on the page specifically relevant to the service that the testimonial is talking about.

How to Do It

Using our example of searching outside the top price range, you could have a special report to offer on this page.  It could be titled something like “Negotiation Strategies to Buy More House than You Thought Possible.”  Anything that speaks to the testimonial will work, and you’ll get leads by offering it via an emailed report.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Now that you have the plan and the goal for more focused testimonials, get the first one working for you with the call to action for lead generation on the page.  It should generate leads, and you can get excited about repeating the process to do the same thing for other services and customer testimonials.

How to Do It

Go to your website content and see where you have specific services featured that you can get favorable testimonials about from your clients.  If you can’t find enough, create some in the form of a landing page with a call to action for leads.  Come up with new ideas by listening to your customers/clients.  Start asking them specifically what they valued about your work on their behalf.  Do this for your best testimonials and you’ll find that your lead generation will jump.