For Massive Realtor Leads – Think Like Every Page is a Landing Page

5 Oct 2017

Take a tour through your website pages and articles.  Hopefully, you’ll be seeing articles and content for buyers, sellers, and others on topics that you believe your site visitors want information and answers.  Whether you, others in your brokerage or hired writers created this content, the goal is to educate visitors and maybe generate some leads.  As you view each page, use a quick checklist to see if:

  1. ◻ 30 pts. The content is created around a single topic or idea and stays on topic.
  2. ◻ 30 pts. All of the remaining content reinforces the main idea/topic and adds valuable information.
  3. ◻20 pts. There is at least one strong call-to-action and a form to capture lead information.
  4. ◻ 10 pts. The page/article title is an attention-grabbing headline.
  5. ◻ 10 pts. The first paragraph gets that single idea/topic across in a way that draws in the viewer.

You’re shooting for 100, a perfect score.  In this case, perfection is not only possible, it’s a requirement.

There are two ways to handle a page without a perfect score:

  • If your score is below 60, consider recreating the entire page or getting rid of it if it isn’t necessary or in your navigation structure.
  • If you scored 60 or higher, then work with the content until you reach 100 points.

Let’s take a look at each of our scoring items to see why they are on this checklist and important.

Single Topic & Stay On It

Let’s face facts; SEO is getting more difficult for the single real estate website every day.  Just do a search on major key real estate phrases for your market area and see that Zillow,, Trulia and other major sites dominate the first page listings.

Google and the other search engines have such complex algorithms that you could study for years and not get an edge, and the rules keep changing anyway.  The one overriding truth is that the content of the site should be very specific to certain key phrases and stay on topic on pages.  Having a page focused tightly on what the Exceptions in a Title Insurance Binder mean is going to do far better than having Exceptions mentioned in articles about title insurance.  Choose a topic and key phrase and stay on it through the entire page content.

Expand & Reinforce

This sounds like the same thing as the first item, but it’s just expanding on it.  Staying on the topic doesn’t limit your content.  There is a huge amount of detail you can provide on why Exceptions exist, why the title companies do not cover certain exception types and why you can’t do anything about them in most cases.  Over time, Google is compiling related words that have to do with the topic, such as encroachments, surveys, land grants, etc.  Your content gains search credibility when you’re supporting the topic with these related words.

Give the visitor relevant information about different common exceptions.  Why are easements listed and what they mean to the buyer is an example.  You’re going to be giving the visitor information that answers questions they may have and gives them a better understanding of what a title binder is and why it exists.

The Offer & Call-To-Action

Why fewer points for this one than the first two?  You’re not going to get the attention of your site visitor focused on your offer and call to action if your content isn’t compelling.  They see that you know what you’re talking about, realize they have learned from your content, and they will be more likely to take the action you want to get their contact information.

As an example, offering an actual copy of a title binder (privacy info redacted) is going to be a lead-getter.  They have learned from your content, and they obviously have an interest.  Seeing a real life example is going to be very attractive.

Headline Importance

Your title has both visitor and SEO value.  You’ll want to include your key phrase or topic in it if possible, but you also want it to stand out in search results.  It should clearly indicate what the content is about and that it addresses the reasons for the search.

First, you’re competing with thousands of relevant sites for search position, then second you’re competing with the search page results for the attention of the searcher and that valuable click to your page.  Make sure they see in your title that they’re going to find what they seek if they click.

Keep Them on the Page

You have a few short seconds to get the visitor to stay and not click away from your page.  They’ve seen the title and it got them here, but now they need to quickly see that they made a good decision and your content is worth checking out.

In the first sentence and paragraph, reinforce that they’re at the right place for answers to their search query.  They will see they’ve made a good decision and read more.

Score your pages, get them up to 100 points, and you’ll see your traffic increase and your lead funnel filling up.