The Ultimate Realtor’s Guide to Marketing : Brand


Explanation about branding in real estate industry.

Section 1Consider your brand
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How to Build a Brand Like Coca Cola
Lecture 3 4 Shocking Mistakes that Can Kill a Real Estate Brand
Lecture 4 Successful Real Estate Agents Don't Just Sell Homes - They Build Brands
Section 2Main Domain Name
Lecture 1 Main Domain Name
Lecture 2 At Last, The Secret to Getting the Best Price on Domain Names is Revealed
Lecture 3 Domain Name Swipe File – 100 Domain Names for Real Estate Sites
Lecture 4 If You Don't Register Your Domain Names Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
Section 3Claim Your Social Media Accounts
Lecture 1 Claim Your Social Media Accounts
Lecture 2 11 Social Media Hacks that 99.9% of Realtors Don’t Know About
Lecture 3 What to Post and Where to Post it on Social Sites
Lecture 4 How to Own Your Social Media Presence
Section 4Create Your Niche Websites
Lecture 1 Create Your Niche Websites
Lecture 2 Top 10 Lead Generation Websites
Section 5Establish a Realtor Blog and Determine Your Writing Style
Lecture 1 Establish a REALTOR® Blog and Determine Your Writing Style
Lecture 2 99 Ideas for Real Estate Blog Posts
Lecture 3 How to Make Sure Your Blog Posts Get Read
Lecture 4 Here's a Quick Way to Become the Local Real Estate Expert
Section 6Create your stationary set
Lecture 1 Create your stationary set
Lecture 2 A Simple Way to Create Branded Print Pieces that Work for Every Realtor
Lecture 3 How to Build an Email Template You Can be Proud Of
Lecture 4 You Don't Have to be a Graphics Designer to Create Awesome Print Materials