Buying Real Estate Blog Content Can Be Cost-Effective and Easy

16 Oct 2018

The value of regular consistent blogging for real estate is a proven strategy.  The problem for many real estate professionals is in the creation of consistently high-quality real estate blog content.  Where does one find the time, ability, and possibly money to generate relevant and useful real estate blog content?

What You Need

To consistently attract and retain website visitors and build your real estate business, you need regular real estate blog content that is relevant to the business and to your local real estate market.  Posting quality content regularly is a challenge for many real estate professionals because they lack the time, possibly the ability, and they can’t spend the money to hire professionals to write and edit content.

Action: Make a Plan and Schedule

Before you think about where you’ll get it or how you’ll create it, put together a plan for the type of content you want.  You will want real estate blog content that is specific to your market, which will be statistics and local relevant news.  However, you’ll need a lot of informative content that’s about real estate, home buying, and general transaction information.

Often the challenge seems scary because we assume too much is necessary.  One post per week is an achievable and not too much of a problem to deliver.  That’s around 50 posts for an entire year.  Some are easy, as you can pull recently sold property reports from the MLS and write about them.  They’re also good lead generators, as you can offer full reports via email.

Instruct with Key Phrases in Mind

When you’re planning your posts, think key search phrases and use them as your post ideas and in the titles.  One of the real values of using popular search phrases in blog posts is that the posts are often the most recent content on the topic.  Today’s searchers are savvy, and they know how to tell Google to pull posts based on their publish date.  Often they’ll be searching for information that’s less than a month or a year old.

Action: Answer Questions & Educate

If you do not currently subscribe to some form of keyword/phrase research system, you can get a free short trial at  If you have a Google Adwords account, you can do research there at no cost, and there is no cost to set up the account.

Do research on popular key phrases for home buying and selling, as well as real estate and transactions in general.  Examples of some results returned on a search on homebuying on one site included:

  • houses for sale near me     301,000
  • mortgage     135,000
  • real estate agent     90,500
  • first-time homebuyer     74,000
  • buying a house     40,500
  • how to buy a house     27,500

The list that came back from this search included 500 results, so there’s no shortage of ideas.  Come up with an educational post for the key phrases you identify as good for your site and area, and those will be your posts.

When Buying Writing is the Plan

You don’t have to write all of these.  Of course, if you have a talented writer in the family or company, they can do them for you, but be sure they’re edited and free of grammatical and spelling errors.  If you find that paying for some writing is necessary, there are less expensive sources than hiring freelancers directly.  Many freelance writers charge much less for their writing when they can just write articles and post them for sale without working with clients.

Check Out Content Sites

There are a couple of sites that offer pre-written content already checked with Copyscape for originality and edited by staff.  ConstantContent and DotWriter are examples.


Those are examples from searches on both sites for articles about home buying.  Keep in mind that you want to buy “full rights” articles.  This means you’re the only buyer, so you’re getting original content for your blog.  You’re also the owner and can edit them any way you want, including changing titles or other text to include your key phrase of choice.

These are examples of places to buy pre-written content that’s original and edited at a much lower cost than working directly with a freelance writer in most cases.  They’re worth a quick search to see what’s available to fit your plan.