9 Reasons You’re Doing IDX Wrong

21 Mar 2017

This is the third post in our 3-Part series on generating massive leads with an IDX LeadSite.

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Part 3: 9 Reasons You're Doing IDX Wrong [you are here]

Let’s get right to the things you’re doing wrong that destroy most of the lead generation power you could get from your IDX.

Mistake #1 - You Use a Framed IDX Solution

You Use a Framed IDX Solution

The vast majority of IDX solutions provided by vendors to real estate professionals are “framed” displays. Think of it as a picture in a frame hanging on a wall. The image isn’t part of the wall, just hanging there to view.

A framed IDX is a picture frame on your website that presents the IDX for searching, but what you see isn’t on the real estate website. It is on the provider’s server. So, it’s like an empty space when the search engine’s robots visit. There is nothing there to index or help your SEO.

WebsiteBox provides and “integrated” IDX solution. It’s very different. Instead of that picture in a frame, it’s painted on the wall. It’s a part of the real estate website. Check out our IDX LeadSites. All of that awesome property and area related text and those images with “alt text” are a part of the real estate site. The search engine’s robots find hundreds or thousands of pages of stuff to catalog for the search engines. It’s an SEO powerhouse and will lead to more visitors, which leads to more prospects and closings.

Mistake #2 - Your Site Searchers Have Limited Search Criteria Choices

Your Site Searchers Have Limited Search Criteria Choices

Visit some of your competitors’ websites and check out their IDX search functions. Sure, they all offer searches by area, price range, a number of bedrooms and baths or other basic criteria. Sure, they can eventually narrow down the results until they get closer to the homes they truly have an interest in, but it’s a laborious process.

WebsiteBox offers up a rich search environment. From school districts to map searches, rich high-resolution images, and even local business and school districts, your searchers return over and over because they are able to more efficiently zero in on the homes of interest.

Mistake #3 - No Enhanced Features or Abilities

No Enhanced Features or Abilities

A major problem with some sites and IDX pages is their poor rendition on smaller devices and smartphones. Today’s Internet user is highly mobile, with more of them using tablets and smartphones than desktop or notebook computers. If your IDX doesn’t function fully and easily on mobile devices, you’re in trouble.

Then there are enhanced capabilities that you should be offering. Can your site searchers save searches to return and do them again? Can they save favorite properties? How about creating customized search automatic email alerts?

WebsiteBox, when they register (there’s that lead), gives them these enhanced features.

Mistake #4 - Social Site Sharing Capability

Social Site Sharing Capability

What do people do today when they find something they like on the Web? They SHARE it! If you want to see a dramatic jump in your visitor traffic, you can if your visitors are sharing their search results with their friends, family, and co-workers.

When they find a home that seems to be a great value, one with the latest bells and whistles, they will share it with everyone in their circles, IF your IDX allows them to do so. WebsiteBox makes it easy and fun to share search results on Facebook and other social sites.

Mistake #5 - You Choose Based Only on Availability

You Choose Based Only on Availability

Too many real estate professionals settle for a less than satisfactory IDX solution simply because their MLS isn’t covered by other better solution providers. WebsiteBox works with more than 300 MLS organizations already.

We’ve been contacted by real estate professionals in some remote and small MLS coverage areas. Our goal is to get each one of them online without requiring minimum participation. If we’re not already covering your MLS, give us a call and usually, we can do so within a few short weeks.

Mistake #6 - Taking the Easy Way Out

Taking the Easy Way Out

Whether it’s easier to stick with your current IDX provider because you don’t want the hassle of setting up a new one, or if you don’t select a new one because you think it will be difficult, it’s a big mistake. Yes, using a framed solution can be an easier setup, but I’ve already covered why that’s a poor solution for SEO reasons.

The beauty of the Websitebox IDX solution is that it comes fully functional and installed in a website, working to generate leads from the moment it goes live. You don’t have to do much at all, and what you do need to do is all about setting up the site the way you want it to work for you and your site visitors. You tell the site when and how you want to require registration, and in a couple of clicks, it’s done.

Mistake #7 - One Size Fits All

When it comes to the framed IDX solution, it is usually a “one size fits all searchers” solution. There’s one interface, and one set of criteria to enter and get the search results. Sure, the visitor can narrow down their search with different criteria, but it’s not the most friendly interface.

With most solutions, that’s all you can do. You can’t, for example, create a pre-determined search criteria, set and have it featured on the site in navigation. An example would be a search pre-selecting only condos, or only a specific popular area. You can do this with WebsiteBox and place navigation on the site to take the searcher right to the results they want.

Mistake #8 - Limited Ability to Promote Your Listings

You want to generate buyer leads, and you definitely want to provide top-notch marketing services for your listing clients. They hire you to market their homes, and you want them to see that you’re doing a great job for them. If you can only place their home’s criteria into a search and show them it comes up with others, it’s hardly a great sales tool.

With WebsiteBox, you can have your listings featured in different ways in all search results, including showing up at the top of results for criteria that match. From special icons in map results to other listing highlightings, Websitebox puts your listings out front.

Mistake #9 - You Just Don't Have a Plan and The Tools to Make it Work

From opening up your search and not requiring registration, to offering enhanced services in exchange for registration, you need to have a plan for IDX lead generation.

Having pitches to offer up special features in exchange for registration is going to be a major lead generator. Examples of these features and how they work will get you many more registrations. It’s one thing to say that you can do something special if you register. It’s another to offer “Super Search Tools,” saved searches and email alerts.

This was the third and final post in this IDX lead generation series. You now know what NOT to do, how to do what you should, and the features you need in your IDX to attract visitors and convert them prospects and ultimately commissions.

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