4-Step Formula for Generating More Home Buyer Leads Using Your IDX LeadSites

21 Mar 2017

This is the second in our series of blog posts to show you how you can generate a steady stream of high-quality buyer leads using IDX LeadSites.

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As efficient as our IDX LeadSites are at generating leads from visitor traffic and searches, you need to get that traffic first. The more people you get to the site, the more of them you’ll convert to prospects. Let’s look at the 4 proven steps for getting that traffic.

Step 1 - Get Your Domain Name

Get Your Domain Name

Every website resides on a server somewhere in the cloud. Now, it sits on a numerical address, something like ###.###.#.##. That’s not too friendly for someone who’d like to visit your site. So, domain names are used, and these are words that point to the numerical address. You need a unique domain name for every site on the Web.

Of course, since the Web has been around for quite a while, and there are hundreds of millions of websites, it’s becoming more challenging to get short and descriptive relevant domain names these days. At least that’s true for those ending in .com, called the domain name extension. Sure, you may be able to get the words you want with a .net, .org, .biz or other extensions, but .com is the first and most widely used extension; so much so that some browsers automatically assume and add .com if it isn’t typed in.

So, you’ll want a domain name for your IDX LeadSite, and hopefully, it will in some way be relevant to what the visitor will find when they arrive. An example might be “YourAreaHomeSearchSite.com.” Actually, this one is a little long but could be available.

Let’s say you work in the Austin Area. Here are a few other Domain Names that could work:

  • FindMyAustinHouse.com
  • AustinHouses.com
  • AustinProperties.com
  • AustinHomeSearch.com
  • SearchAustinHomes.com

There are tons of domain names that could work!

Step 2 - Build an IDX LeadSite

Build an IDX LeadSite

You saw in the first post in this series the three choices for powerful IDX LeadSites that deliver quality home buyer leads.

People are different, and they respond differently to website design and layout. Some like lots of text, others love maps for search, and others love images. All three of our LeadSites use all three of these things but in different ways and proportions.

It takes just minutes to build one of these sites, and it’s only $99 with no monthly or ongoing fees. This includes free hosting for life! See them in more detail here and you’ll understand why this is the best way to present IDX on the Web. Get yours here.

Step 3 - Advertise on Facebook

Advertise on Facebook

You’re working on SEO, and our IDX LeadSites are optimized for the search engines as well. But, it’s best if you can deliver more traffic at a reasonable cost to your IDX site. Just about everyone in your market area who may buy or sell a home in the future are already on Facebook. It is definitely the resource to deliver visitors to your site.

Create a Facebook Ad

The most powerful thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can tightly focus on the very best prospects to see your advertising. You’re not just throwing out an ad for the world and hoping that those who may actually live in your area will see it. In our tutorial on How To Set Up Your First Facebook Ad, you learn how to construct your ad, but more important, how to target the people who will see it.

We also have a tutorial Guide to Targeting Your Facebook Ads. You learn how to control costs and display your ad for those people most likely to be your very best lead prospects. With dozens of criteria for targeting your ad display to age group, areas of town and even renters, you can get the most interested eyes on your ads.

Your ad will be very specific, about the ability to search the entire local MLS system. You attract the buyers with the promise of all listings easily searched, run another ad that says they can save searches, and another about getting alerts of new listings. Each of these hits a hot button for buyers and will deliver traffic to your IDX LeadSite.

Step 4 - Send a 3-Part Email Series

Send a 3-Part Email Series

WebsiteBox IDX LeadSites come with a full-featured CRM, Customer Relationship Management, system. You can manage the relationships with your prospects, customers, and clients. When a new lead arrives, it is dropped into the system and you get an email notification.

You drop them into a drip email system to receive our professionally written 3-part email series. You can get it here at this point they’re a new lead, but you can’t just sit back and hope they make the next move in your relationship. You want to follow up with this automated email series timed for your market cycle and designed to keep you top-of-mind with them.

Now you have the 4 steps, are you going to act?

You can get started by getting your favorite IDX LeadSite HERE. For a limited time, we are giving you $20 off!

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