4 Email Series For Open House Buyers

7 Apr 2017

If you are here, chances are that you’ve downloaded the “Ultimate House Checklist” and are taking advantage of the 2nd Bonus using these amazing follow-up email templates. If not, we highly recommend that you download it here. These emails are part of a bigger strategy to create an open house event that generates solid buyer leads.

Normally these emails would cost $50 each since they are written by a professional Real Estate Copywriter but we are giving these to you for FREE!

Here is how they should be used:

Email 1 – Send this right after your open house event. The main purpose of this email is to establish yourself as the local real estate market expert.

Email 2 – After the initial contact, you should send this email to show other listings that are similar to the open house your lead has visited.

Email 3 – Finally, you should send this email to drive traffic to your website allow your lead to search for listings using your integrated IDX search. You will keep track of the listing criteria your lead is looking at, and this will give you great insight on what exactly they are looking for.

Email 4 – This last email intent is to make you the go-to realtor and promote a personal contact with your leads.

You can copy and paste these emails into any email platform or you can put the entire process on auto-pilot by using WebsiteBox’s Drip Email Marketing System.

Email #1

Title: Thanks for Visiting My Open House

[Salutation] [FirstName]

Thanks so much for visiting my open house at [Address]. I wanted to follow up to see if you would like more information on that home, or possibly documents on file related to the listing.

I also wanted to give you some links to areas of my website that buyers have found of value. They’ve told me that these pages helped them to learn more about the home buying process, the path to closing, and negotiating with sellers. I hope you find this information of value as well, and I’m ready to answer any questions you may have about the local real estate market, home buying, and the closing process.

[link to page about inspections and repair negotiations]

[link to neighborhoods section/page of the site]

[closing process page link]

[link to title and binder information], etc.

The information at these links is current and specific to this market. If I can help in any other ways, please just reply to this email.



Email #2

Title: Similar Homes to the Open House You Visited

[Salutation] [FirstName]

I wanted to give a link to a special search of the local Multiple Listing Service for homes with similar features and characteristics with the home you visited.

[link to search results]

I realize that this home may not be for you, and I wanted to send you the details about others that may be a better fit. I’m always ready to answer questions, as well as give you market data and home price trends information. It surprises some buyers in this market that there are bargains, but sometimes it takes a bit of negotiation to get a listing price down to a bargain deal price.

If you’re using other sites, such as Zillow and Realtor.com, you will not find a more up-to-date local full MLS, Multiple Listing Service, search page as the one on my site. Our listings are updated nightly, including those coming to the MLS and those going off due to sale or withdrawal. Zillow and Trulia in particular, are in large part fed by manual agent entry, and there are many homes there that were not removed when sold. Use my search site and get the latest listing information that exists for this area.

I spend every day involved in this real estate market, talking to buyers, sellers, title company employees, home inspectors, real estate attorneys and others. Using the Internet to locate properties of interest is a great resource for you, but I have my finger on the pulse of this market so I can add to your body of information for better buying decisions.



Email #3

Title: Can I Help by Changing the Criteria of Your Home Search

[Salutation] [FirstName]

In working with buyers over the years, I’ve learned that as we look at homes we thought were going to be a fit, we sometimes find that we want to make some changes. Perhaps we’ve gotten our Loan Pre-approval Letter, and an adjustment of the price range may be the thing to do. Or perhaps you have decided to add a bedroom or bath or focus on some different neighborhoods.

This is what I do, so I’ll be happy to adjust your search criteria and send you new listings. If you’re like me, you may want to do your own thing. Go to my site here and register so that you can create your own saved searches, mark favorite properties, and even share listings with family and friends. Make it a shared experience and find the perfect home for you.

Once you’re able to log in, you can get more information and documents that I share with you by uploading to the site for pickup; no more huge email attachments. My site and follow-up tools and resources are designed to provide buyers with every tool they need to dissect the market, find the right home, cut a great deal, then move efficiently through to closing. Give it a try!



Email #4

Title: How I Work with Buyers

[Salutation] [FirstName]

I hope you’ve found my emails and links of value, and wanted to send you one more. I consider my job as a buyer’s agent to deliver market information, dig out any and all information and listings that may work for you, and to work with you as long as it takes to locate and purchase the perfect home for you.

In my previous email, I gave you a link to register for special full access to my site and full MLS searches. If you registered, we’re already communicating on a whole new level, and you are able to save searches, share listings, and get documents and information from the site. If you didn’t register, here’s that link again so that you can.

I love working with buyers, as there is so much information I can share to make the location, negotiation and closing processes much smoother for them. I really want to get to work on your behalf, so check out the site registration and the extra services you get from doing so.

You may just have questions, and I’m ready to answer them. Use the phone number in the signature below to call me, or just reply to this email with your question(s). I’m ready to help.




The right email can turn your open house event into a buyer lead gold mine. Start sending these emails to your Open House prospects today.