3-Part Email Series for IDX Leads

21 Jul 2017

If you are here, chances are that you’re reading our blog post series on generating quality home buyer leads using an IDX and are taking advantage of these free follow up email templates. If not, we highly recommend that you read our blog series here. These emails are part of a bigger strategy to create an IDX LeadSite that helps generate solid buyer leads.

Normally these emails would cost $50 each since they are written by a professional Real Estate Copywriter but we are giving these to you for FREE!

Here is how they should be used:

Email 1 – Send this right after a visitor becomes a lead by registering on your website.

Email 2 – After the initial contact, you should send this email 2 days after to highlight the advantages of registering on your website

Email 3 – Finally, ou should send this email to show them other areas of interest of your website. We recommend you customize this email and make it specific to your website

You can copy and paste these emails into any email platform or you can put the entire process on auto-pilot by using WebsiteBox’s Drip Email Marketing System.

Email #1

Title: Getting the Most Out of Your Home Search Tools


Thanks so much for your visit to my [YourArea] Real Estate Website and registering for upgraded MLS listing search tools. The regular search features are great, but you’re now able to use some really powerful tools to help you in your home search and selection.

Save favorite searches: You want to be able to return to the site and search again, so a great resource is being able to save your favorite search criteria so you can do a new home search with a single click.

More than that, though, you often want to use somewhat different criteria, such as different price ranges or neighborhoods. Instead of having to change criteria, just set up more than one saved search result and your next visit will be even more efficient.

Get alerts of new listings and changes: Everyone of us has had instances in our lives when we missed a great opportunity because we didn’t know about it soon enough. It’s really upsetting to see the perfect home at a great price snapped up by someone else before you even knew it was on the market. It can happen even when you’re on the Web searching every other day or so.

With our Super Search Tools, you can create an email alert search. Just enter your criteria and have an email sent out to you when a new listing comes on the market that matches your needs. Or, watch great homes for price adjustments with an alert search. It’s a tool our users love.

Thanks again for your interest, and I’m ready to help by email or phone.


Email #2

Title: Share Homes and Get Opinions


I hope you’re enjoying the real estate search features at my website. In the previous email, I told you about some powerful tools for your home search activity. We all love our social sites these days, and we love to share information with our family and friends. It’s also nice to get their opinions about homes we find.

You can save “favorites” and do comparisons of homes. Why not share those favorites with others and have them chip in with their opinions. It’s easy for us to get excited about a home, especially if we’ve visited it or been to an open house. But, that excitement can cause us to miss some things that may be important.

Getting advice and the input from our friends and family can be a great help. If we value their opinions, then why not share our favorite homes to see what they think?

Thanks again for your interest, and call or email me with your questions.


Email #3

Title: Other Popular Areas of the Site

Your continued interest in my real estate website is appreciated. I wanted to steer you toward other areas of my site that buyers have told me are of value to them. These are articles or posts about the local market, general home buying tips, information about the transaction process, and more. Just click the links to check them out.

  1. The Home Inspection Process for Buyers
  2. Repair Negotiations for Buyers
  3. What is in a Title Insurance Binder?
  4. Sold Property Statistics for [quarter, month]
  5. Considerations of the First Offer on a Home
  6. What are the Common Contingencies in a Home Purchase Agreement?

I would also like to offer my help if you’ve had any problems in using the features I’ve told you about. If you need me to help by creating an email alert search, give me a call and you’ll have it in no time.

Again, thanks so much for your interest in my site and services. I’m here to help and ready to show you properties




The right email can turn your IDX into a lead gold mine. Start sending these emails to site visitors that register on your IDX today.