3 Free Drip Marketing Emails to Send To Home Seller Leads

29 Mar 2017

If you are here, chances are that you’ve downloaded our “Ultimate Home Seller Lead Generation Cheat Sheet” and are about to complete the fifth and final step. If not, we highly recommend that you download it here. These emails are part of a bigger strategy to get more Home Seller leads and using them on their own just won’t do the trick.

Normally these emails would cost $50 each since they are written by a professional Real Estate Copywriter but we are giving these to you for FREE!

Here is how they should be used:

Email 1 – Send this as soon as the lead comes in. It lets them know you have gotten their request and are working on putting together an accurate CMA.

Email 2 – Once you have the CMA ready, send them the second email along with an attached PDF. This screams professionalism.

Email 3 – Now is the time to sell. You have given your lead something that is valuable and free. Send this email 3 days after you have sent the CMA and find out how serious they are about selling their home.

You can copy and paste these emails into any email platform or you can put the entire process on auto-pilot by using WebsiteBox’s Drip Email Marketing System.

Email 1 Text

Title/Subject: Thanks – Your Home Value Report is on the Way!

I [We] really appreciate your visit to my [our] website and are thrilled to get your online request for a home valuation.

As an expert in the local market, I wanted to respond quickly with this thank-you and a brief description of how we’ll use the information you’ve provided to quickly provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis report and value for your home.

1. First, we’re going to go into the sold property data for this market and select at least three or more “comps” or comparable properties. The goal is to select homes as near to yours as possible, as well as homes similar to yours in size, bedrooms, baths, etc. We’re also going to be careful to use only very recent comps, as markets change constantly, and we want to be sure we’re working with data as current as possible.
2. We’re going to compare the information about features with these comps and make adjustments to the prices at which they sold to bring them in line with what they would have been if the comp were exactly the same as your home.
3. Once we’ve made our adjustments, we can use those sold prices to determine what your home is worth in the current market based on what we know so far.

We wanted to balance detail with your valuable time in providing information, and what you’ve provided will result in a close estimate of what your home could sell for in the current market. When we send your valuation, please understand that there is more we need for information, as well as a site visit, in order to refine your home valuation. Take [place link here for this text] this link for more detail on what goes into our very detailed CMA.

Watch your email Inbox, as we’re going to get this done for you as quickly as possible. We value your interest and your time. Thanks again for your request.

Email 2 Text

Title/Subject: Check Out Your Home CMA Valuation – It’s Ready

Thanks again for allowing us to help you to value your home in today’s [local market name] market area. We used the information you sent us in the online form to complete a detailed CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, as we explained in a previous email.

That analysis is attached, and we want to help you with understanding the information in it. You see, every home is unique. We feel comfortable in telling you that the CMA attached is around 90% accurate for your home. Why only 90%? Because your home is unique, there are many details about it that we didn’t ask for in the form in order to make it easier for you to submit. It is enough information to feel good about that 90% number, but we need more for a hard 100% accurate current market value for your home.

This is especially true if you were surprised in any way by the numbers in our CMA. Whether you were surprised on the low or the high side, we know it happens at times with these online submissions and preliminary valuations. There is more information we need to get to that hard number, but few people will send that much in an online form. Some of that information also involves things we look for that aren’t generally obvious to the average homeowner. Much of the time we know from selling homes in this market every day what buyers want and will pay more for in a home.

Above anything else, a personal onsite visit and walkthrough of your home is absolutely necessary to nail down its true value. After all, you do not want to be surprised by a long time on the market, lowball offers or quick competitive bidding due to listing at the wrong price. It’s just as bad to list too low as it is to be over on the high side.

Please [link] click here to fill out an appointment form for a visit, email me [email link], or give me a call [phone number]. You’ll be glad you did, and once we’ve visited and done a more thorough evaluation of your home in relation to the competition in the market, we’ll get you to that “just right” listing price that will get it sold.

Email 3 Text

Title/Subject: Moving Forward with Selling Your Home

Again, thanks for your interest in my services as a real estate listing professional. You requested a home valuation through the website, and you’ve received that. If you’ve already contacted me for a visit, then we’ve likely nailed down the right listing price to get your home sold, and we’re well on the way to doing that. If we have an appointment, thanks and I’m looking forward to it. Either way, you’ll soon know the services I provide and why they are a certain path to a successful home sale.

If however, you haven’t gotten in touch after receiving your CMA, I wanted to reach out once more to see where you are in your decision-making process. A quick overview of why my listing clients recommend me enthusiastically could be right for this email. Here are some of the services I provide in the listing and sale of your home:

► A comprehensive CMA that gets your home listed at the right price for today’s market.
► Constant market monitoring so that I can adjust that CMA or listing price to respond to new market developments.
► Professional quality photographs that are high resolution for both online and print marketing.
► Quality copywriting to sell your home with words in every place where we market it, including syndication to major real estate websites:

  • Our website
  • Zillow.com
  • Trulia.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Other real estate portal sites
  • Homes magazines
  • Newspaper ads
  • Full color high-quality brochures for property placement
  • Open houses when appropriate and effective
  • Aggressive MLS (Multiple Listing Service) marketing to the other real estate brokerages and agents in the area
  • Email campaigns to real estate professionals and others who are potential buyers
  • Prompt responses to any and all inquiries about your property
  • Home showing data is maintained with useful feedback reported to you

At [brokerage name], we don’t subscribe to the “list it and wait” approach. It is true that the MLS listing will quickly expose your home to local real estate professionals who may have buyers. However, only a small percentage of these busy agents check the new MLS listings regularly. We email them and let them know about your home.

Please email me [email link], or better yet jump on the phone right now and give me a call [phone number]. I’m ready to get your home sold.


The right email can turn a lead into a client. Start sending these emails to your Home Seller Leads today.